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Become a transparent company 

In an era of information that is readily available to the majority, providing a trustworthy story of origin is as much a part of providing a quality garment and is as appealing – if not more so than the product itself.

Pioneer sustainable innovation

The world we live in today is constantly changing, it is therefore vital for a business to be open to new strategies and technologies. By becoming a transparent company and adopting an alternative and innovative approach to your product’s supply chain, we can help your business to thrive in the long term by embracing a sustainability mindset throughout.

Future proof your company

By not only recognising the shift in social perception, but by accepting the need to take responsible steps in changing your business strategy. Transparency does not come without its own risks. This may require you to create awareness, influence and pioneer a shift in the activity of your supply chain. By encouraging others to adopt alternative and more sustainable methods of sourcing, production and communication.


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A transparent company is formed by experts in the areas of fashion design, sustainable innovation and technology.

Our aim is to guide fashion businesses to make the most out of their sustainable efforts and becoming more transparent, by connecting their supply chain stories with their customers at the moment of purchase. Learn who we are in the link below:



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